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Liberals and conservatives see the world differently in part because they get their news from distinct, non-overlapping sources. Let’s step out of our political bubbles and seek a better understanding of how our friends and family on the other side of the political aisle view the world.

The feeds below feature the latest news stories from media sources trusted by liberals on the one hand and conservatives on the other.

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Note: Media sources are categorized as either trusted by liberals or trusted by conservatives based on this analysis of political polarization & media habits by the Pew Research Center.

News Most Trusted By Liberals

(ABC News, BBC, CBS News, CNN, Daily Kos, Huffington Post, Mother Jones, MSNBC, NBC News, New York Times, NPR, Politico, Slate, The Economist, The Guardian, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, ThinkProgress, USA Today, Washington Post)

News Most Trusted By Conservatives

(Breitbart News, Drudge Report, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal)