Keeping Tabs on the 45th President of the United States

UPDATED: 05-19-2017

Since the 2016 presidential election, I’ve been collecting and curating various metrics and data related to President Donald Trump – from favorability ratings and job approval numbers to media-sponsored fact-checks and recent tweets from the President himself.

Importantly, my goal is not to try to undermine the President or fuel animosity towards him. Quite the contrary. Although I strongly disagree with many of Mr. Trump’s proposed policies, I certainly hope he rises to the occasion and performs well in leading our country for the next four years. Rather, my goal here is to do my part – however small – to promote a more informed citizenry and ensure that in the 2020 election – and in all future elections, as well – more Americans base their votes on cold, hard facts and numbers, rather than on heated emotion, subjective impressions, and (God help us) catchy memes. Certainly, this is something each of us needs to be reminded of from time to time.

Note, too, that if you’re interested in monitoring the potential impact of the Trump administration on the overall health and well-being of the U.S. economy, you can visit my “Economic Snapshot,” where I am tracking unemployment, labor force participation, job creation, inflation, and income inequality.

Note: This page is a work in progress, and it will undoubtedly continue to grow and evolve over time. So, I invite you to comment and leave suggestions on what additional metrics and data you would like to see included in the future.


How Favorably Do Americans View Trump?

Donald Trump ascended to the Presidency with some of the lowest favorability ratings in modern presidential politics. To be fair, voters didn’t like Hillary Clinton all that much either. But throughout the campaign they seemed especially not to like Trump.

But how do Americans feel about him today, now that he’s President?

The graphic below shows data from 466 public polls. Each poll asked a slice of the American public whether they view Mr. Trump favorably or unfavorably. The data stretch back as far as May 2015, shortly before Trump launched his Presidential campaign.

Included at the bottom of the graphic is an estimate of how Americans currently perceive Mr. Trump. These estimates reflect a moving average based on the five most recent poll results.


Do Americans Approve of the Job Trump is Doing?

The graphic below shows data from 199 public polls. Each poll asked a slice of the American public whether they approve or disapprove of the job President Trump is doing in the White House. The data stretch back to January 20, 2017, the date Mr. Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

Included at the bottom of the graphic is an estimate of what Americans currently think of President Trump’s job performance. These estimates reflect a moving average based on the five most recent poll results.


What’s Trump Been Tweeting?

President Donald Trump has a complicated relationship with Twitter. Throughout the 2016 Presidential Campaign, he repeatedly used the micro-blogging platform to feud publicly with people and organizations who got under his skin. Most notably, Trump took to Twitter to lash out at Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of a U.S. Army Captain who was killed by a car bomb in Iraq in 2004, and Alicia Machado, the former Miss Universe from 1996 who claimed Trump frequently shamed her because of her struggles with her weight.

Mr. Trump has such a penchant for hurling insults on Twitter that The New York Times compiled a list of all the people, places, and things Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter since declaring his candidacy for President back in June 2015. As of December 6, 2016, that tally stands at 289.

And Mr. Trump certainly hasn’t let up since winning the Presidency. Since the election, he’s taken to Twitter to criticize both Saturday Night Live and the cast of the hit Broadway Musical Hamilton.

In case there was any doubt, a recent Morning Consult/POLITICO Poll found that most voters (56%) think Donald Trump tweets too much.

Note, too, that there is now a browser plug in available for Chrome – created by the Washington Post – that will instantly fact-check select tweets from Donald Trump.

If you’re curious or concerned about what Mr. Trump has been tweeting, then you can view some of his most recent tweets below. Arguably, it’s important to pay attention to such things because, well, who knows? Someday, one of Mr. Trump’s “Twitter Wars” could eventually lead to an actual war.


How Honest is Trump?

As most political commentators might tell you, Donald Trump has a tenuous relationship with the truth. He’s not one for nuance or subtlety, and he frequently likes to exaggerate and simplify complex issues (at least in public). Below is Donald Trump’s scorecard from PolitiFact, a fact-checking website operated by the Tampa Bay Times.

So far, PolitiFact has evaluated 406 public statements from Mr. Trump. Among this set of fact-checked statements, only 17% have been designated “True” or “Mostly True,” compared with 52.46% deemed either “False” or “Mostly False.” Meanwhile, 16.01% of Trump’s statements have been determined to be false to such a degree that they have been labeled “Pants on Fire.” You can read more about PolitiFact’s fact-checking process here.




Brian Kurilla is a psychological scientist with a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology. You can follow Brian on Twitter @briankurilla 

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