Scientists are Organizing to March in Washington

Scientists at the 2014 People’s Climate March in New York. Credit: Joe Brusky/flickr

Following the success of the Women’s March on DC and the Trump administration’s recent move to censor scientists at various federal agencies, including the Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency, a group of researchers and science advocates have begun organizing their own political rally.

No official date has yet been announced for the Scientists’ March on Washington, and the group is still in the very early stages of organizing and figuring out all the details. But a website is up and running, and you can keep up on important updates through all the major social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit).

Science is the best tool we have for learning about the natural world and separating fact from fiction. And given that we now live in a “post-truth” world rife with misinformation, fake-news, and “alternative-facts,” it is arguably more important than ever to support the work of scientists.

So if you are concerned about maintaining the integrity of science under President Trump, and if you support the right of scientists to communicate the results of tax-payer funded research with you the tax-payer, then consider following along and supporting this group in their mission to keep science free from partisan influence.

And if you are interested in helping to organize the Scientists’ March on Washington – or in helping to organize a sister march in your own town or city – then click here to sign up.

Let’s send a strong and unified message to President Trump that America values and respects science, even if he does not.



Brian Kurilla is a psychological scientist with a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology. You can follow Brian on Twitter @briankurilla 

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